iVDR (Information Versatile Disk for Removable usage)
Introduced by Sanyo, Canon, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Phoenix Technologies, Pioneer, Sharp, Victor Co. in March 2002
Consortium of 28 companies including Seagate and Maxtor
iVDR is a standard design for 2.5" harddisks in 130x80x12.7mm cases

DVD (Digital Versatile Disc)
DVD-Video (video format, 4.7GB)
DVD-Audio (Matsushita [Technics, Panasonic])
SACD (Super-Audio-CD Sony)
DVDplus (hybrid Sonopress. MAWA)
DVD-ROM (data DVD, 4.7GB)
DVD-RAM (1. generation) (rewritable, 2.6GB) [Panasonic, Toshiba, JVC, Hitachi]
DVD-RAM (2. generation) (rewritable, 4.7GB) [Panasonic, Toshiba, JVC, Hitachi]
DVD+RW (1. generation) (rewritable, 3.0GB) [Sony, Philips, HP, Ricoh, Yamaha, Mitsubishi]
DVD+RW (1. generation) (rewritable, 4.7GB) [Sony, Philips, HP, Ricoh, Yamaha, Mitsubishi]
DVD-RW (rewritable, 3.95GB) [Pioneer]
DVD-R (write once, 3.9GB)
MMVF (MultiMediaVideoFile, 5.2GB per layer) [NEC]
DVD-5 (one layer, 4.5GB)
DVD-9 (dual layer, 9GB)
DVD-10 (double sided [2xDVD-5])
DVD-18 (double sided, dual layer, 15.9GB)

FMD (Fluorescence Multilayer Disk) 4.7GB/layer, 100layer dualsided max.

Blu-Ray (DVD-27, one layer, 405nm blue-violet laser) [Matsushita, Pioneer, Philips, Sony, Thomson, LG Electronics, Hitachi, Sharp, Samsung]
Blu-Ray (DVD-50, dual layer)

single/double sided
single layer (4.7GB) / dual layer (8.5GB)
cartridge, blank
hybrid (DVD/CD)

video scrambling
video compression: MPEG-2
audio compression: MPEG-2, Dolby AC-3, Linear PCM
CSS content scrambling system
DIVX digital video express (DVD+modem)
parental lock
408 player keys (one per company) [player gives player key to disc and receives disc and title key]