S-ATA - Serial ATA (see ATA)
www.serialata.org Serial ATA working group

Serial ATA 1.0, announced 18Dec2000, 1500MBit/s [UltraSATA/1500]
Serial ATA x2, 2005, 3000MBit/s
Serial ATA x4

Serial ATA II
Digital 1.1 specification
- Asyncronous signal recovery
- Asyncronous ATAPI notification so hosts don't need to request for device presence
- Queue optimization enabling additional instructions during long transfers
- Configuration combinations enabling OEM companies to disable unsupported SATA features in hard drives
- SAF-TE and SES connectors
- Accelerated I2C processor address identification so hosts don't need to search I2C space for processor

Port Multiplier 1.1
defines host connectivity over SATA for multiple devices. This spec enables single host connection with multple devices to minimize cabling and improve cooling in SATA storage systems. Port Multiplier 1.1 adds asyncronous notification from Digital 1.1. This eliminates the need in checking for installed or removed devices.

Port Selector 1.0
enables two different host ports to connect to a single device to provide a backup data path. Port Selector 1.0 is a compulsory structure component for RAID, NAS and backup system builders that develop fully reserved storage topologies. Additional features include:
- In-band or protocol management to avoid additional routing between initiator and destination
- Sideband signalling for simple interaction with external controls