TCP (Tape Carrier Package 320pin) Thinfilm
BGA (Ball Grid Array) The BGA system consists of balls on the chip package that fit into grips on the socket.
PGA (Pin Grid Array)
CPGA (Ceramic Pin Grid Array)
SPGA (Pin Grid Array)
PPGA (Plastic Pin Grid Array)
µPGA-1 (mobile Celeron)
µPGA-2 (mobile PIII/Celeron w/ BGA-2 outfit, 1mm micropins)

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Mobile Module (Socket7/Slot1, CPU-Bridge, L2-Cache)
MMC - Mobile Module Cartridge (Slot1 for notebooks)

MMC2 - version 2.0 (see below, red circle designates chip for SpeedStep)

SEPP (Single Edge Processor Package) Celeron
SEC module (Single Edge Contact): consists of a PCB containing the processor chip and the level 2 cache chips
LIF sockets (Low Insertion Force)
ZIF sockets (Zero Insertion Force) have a handle to fasten and loosen the chip to and from its socket
SECC1/2 (Single Edge Contact Cartridge)
URM (Universal Retention Module)
DIP (Dual In-line Package)

CERDIP (CERamic Dual In-line Package)
PQFP (Plastic Quad Flat Package): surface mounted
SQFP (Shrink Quad Flat Package): surface mounted, thermally enhanced
MQFP (Metal Quad Flat Package)
PLCC (Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier)



Available from Aries Electronics, Inc.:
BallNest provides a four-fingered "nest" for each ball termination of the device to be socketed. On top of the BGA device a socket lid must be placed to hold it down.
The BallLock system grips the balls of the BGA device, eliminating the need for a lid. A ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) version of the BGA socket is being worked on.

ZIP (Zigzag In-line Package)