Multi Processing

Single / Multiple Processor
SMP (Symetric Multi-Processing)
MPS (Multi Processor Specification)
APIC (Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller) intel
OpenPIC AMD, Cyrix

SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing)
SMP describes a computer system equipped with more than one processor, and equipped with an operating system capable of distributing load evenly over those processors.

AMP (Asymmetric Multiprocessing)
Asymmetric systems dedicate individual processors to specific tasks. These systems don't have the flexibility to assign processes to the least-loaded CPU, unlike an SMP system. No mainstream OS supports Asymmetric Multiprocessing.

NUMA (Non-Uniform Memory Access)
NUMA provides each processor with its own memory bank alongside a chunk of shared RAM - specifically, all the other processors' local memory. Each CPU can access its own memory more quickly than the RAM shared with other processors, hence the 'non-uniform' label. It also gives each processor access to the full bandwidth of the system bus. Essentially, it's a technique that provides the simplicity of SMP with the scalability of massively-parallel multi-processing.