BIOS setup options

Standard CMOS Setup [Main Setup - AMI]
date - time
boot options
IDE mode (normal/CHS, large/extended/XCHS/big, LBA)
Halt on
RAM size
daylight savings

Enhanced CMOS Setup [BIOS Setup]
cache timing
cache [write back / write through]
Quick POST, Fast POST
boot options
HDD sequence (IDE/SCSI first)
swap floppy drive
boot up floppy seek
floppy disk access
Boot up NUM lock status
Boot up system speed
IDE HDD block mode
Typematic rate
Typematic delay
PS/2 Mouse port (IRQ 12)
PCI/VGA Palette Snoop
memory hole at 15M-16M
OS/2 onboard memory >64MB
MPS 1.4 enable/disable
Shadow RAM
Video RAM cachable / Video ROM cache (Write combining for VGA)
HDD boot delay
A20 gate

PnP/PCI configuration
IRQ used by ISA
ISA Mem block base / ISA shared memory base adress
PCI trigger (level / edge)
Plug&Play OS

Integrated peripherals / Chipset feature setup
onboard IDE enable
onboard FDD enable
PIO mode / DMA
COM / LPT port / USB
Keyboard legacy support
I/O recovery time
L2 Cache cachable size
64MBit mode
ISA bus clock
RAS timing
DRAM speed selection
DRAM read burst (B/E/F)
DRAM write burst (B/E/F)
CAS timing
Fast EDO path select
Pipeline cache timing
SDRAM CAS# latency
RAS# timing clocks / SDRAM RAS# timings / SDRAM RAS to CAS override
MA to RAS# delay
RAS# to CAS# delay
DRAM RAS# Precharge time
DRAM speculative leadoff
turn-around insertion
DRAM refresh type
DRAM refresh queue
read-around write
DRAM read burst timing
DRAM write burst timing
DRAM R/W leadoff timing
Turbo read leadoff
Turbo read pipelining / chipset NA# asserted
chipset special features
PCI-to-DRAM pipeline
CPU-to-PCI write post
peer concurrency
PCI streaming
Passive release
fast refresh (fast in the meaning often !!)
USWC (uncached speculative write combining)

Security Setup
Security Options
Setup Password
System Password

Power Management
Max / Min Saving / User Defined
Doze / Suspend / StandBy
Blank Screen / V/H SYNC+Blank / DPMS Support
PM Events
Suspend to Disk / Suspend to RAM